“One of the strongest trends in fashion is the expression of ecological, social and community consciousness” The growing trend towards sustainable and ethically designed clothing is not only helping to create a greener planet – it’s created a whole new job market, one where having an education in sustainable design may give you a considerable […]
An exciting course, revealing all the technical steps to complete and finish a garment in a professional way. The course is introducing different sewing styles, together with zippers and buttons attachment, hemlines, facings, waistbands and trimmings. OBJECTIVES • Finish one garment, either a skirt or a trouser • Learn different types of pockets • Learn […]
The course is an immersion in the art and fashion illustration world, bringing inspiration from the greatest designers artworks, sketching styles and expressivity, enabling students to acquire the fundamental vocabulary pertaining to fashion design. The fashion silhouettes with their elongated proportions, will be the support for the creative designs and will convey the mood of […]
This course is introducing the techniques of making basic designs, exploring the construction process of patterns and draping methods. Through practical exercises the students will learn various womenswear tops and bottom patterns and drapes that they will develop for their own body measurements. •Use pattern making tools safely •Take the correct body measurements •Develop own […]
An exciting course, revealing the fashion collection elaboration, from its incipient, conceptual state to the materialization of the ideas and sketches into fabric artworks. An inspiring synthesis or art & fashion history, aesthetics and subcultures, trends and contemporary styles, that is giving a powerful insight into the conceptual world, stimulating the creative process and encouraging […]
The first impression makes the difference, specially in the fashion world, and the portfolio is the most important tool for self promotion of young designers. This course is revealing all the steps of creating a successful Fashion Portfolio that is mirroring the creativity, originality and the aesthetics sense in an organized way. Through professional guidance, […]
Makeup Art 化妆艺术
Become a Makeup Artist! Each face is unique, so is the makeup that flatters it the best! Grasp all the tricks and skills for creating a natural day wear makeup, an extravagant evening makeup and the most creative events makeup! Master the colours and styles matching, learn how to use the makeup products and tools […]