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Makeup Art 化妆艺术

Amazing Women of Beijing

Amazing Women of Beijing is an artistic makeup project by Calin Fashion Academy. The project cheers the work and achievements of ten beautiful and inspiring women in this city, exalting their personality with creative touches. Coming from different artistic and creative fields, this amazing women are contributing to the beauty and cultural enrichment of Beijing, in unique ways.

Special thanks to our Official Partners for their amazing support!
Venue: Conrad Beijing Hotel
Hairstyle: Catherine de France Hair & Beauty Salon
Photography: Beijing Faces Magazine

Amazing Women of Beijing: Barbara Seidelmann

Barbara is an architect, interior designer and entrepreneur and she is living in Beijing for more than 10 years.

Amazing Women of Beijing: Lijia Zhang

Lijia Zhang is a writer and a communicator between China and the world!

Amazing Women of Beijing: Rachael Ruble

Rachael Ruble is a journalist and TV presenter, a wonderful person full of life and positive energy!

Amazing Women of Beijing: Luciana Lamantea

Luciana Lamantea, a beautiful culinary expert and entrepreneur is wearing a feminine and extravagant makeup.

Amazing Women of Beijing: Inko di Ö

Inko di Ö is a contemporary dance choreographer that brings to Beijing an unique fusion of tribal and bellydance shows. A beautiful woman and artist, Inko is wearing a feminine, dark and mysterious makeup with expressive style.

Amazing Women of Beijing: Catherine Colin

Catherine Colin, our beautiful and stylish friend, is Beijing’s most amazing hairstyle expert for more than 10 years!

Amazing Women of Beijing: Danie Gateka

Danie Gateka is a singer with a beautiful voice and a golden soul! Her dramatic makeup is expressing through color and style her amazing persona!

Amazing Women of Beijing: Monika Pekala

Monika Pękala studied Fashion Design in Beijing, following her lifetime dream and proving that nothing is impossible! An energetic person and a dear friend, Monika’s exuberant personality is revealed by a colourful and elegant makeup.

Amazing Women of Beijing: Moya Li

Moya Li, Beijing’s Social expert and entrepreneur is wearing an elegant and sophisticated makeup, that describes her exiting personality.

Amazing Women of Beijing: Karla Zapata

Our friend Karla Zapata opened the Amazing Women of Beijing project with a sophisticated mood and dramatic contrasts. A precious friend and a wonderful person, Karla is a Film Director, living in Beijing for more than 10 years.