Creative Draping & Drafting

Creative Draping & Drafting
Creative Draping & Drafting
Creative Draping & Drafting

Grasp the skills and techniques of producing and constructing creative designs, exploring the transformation process from basic patterns to new shapes and styles!

Through practical exercises the students will learn various womenswear tops and bottom’s patterns, will develop a strong understanding of dart manipulation and will create their own sets of blocks.

• Use pattern making tools safely
• Take the correct body measurements and the size system
• Draft the basic blocks
• Develop creative styles using own blocks
• Learn how to use the sewing machine

Depending on the trainee’s level of skills and and desire to progress, the duration of the course could be from minimum 12 sessions, up to 30 sessions, each additional module being more advanced and complex.

Each session has 4 hours of training, that will consist in case studies, demonstrations, exercises and projects review.

Each trainee will receive a Completion Certificate when successfully completing this course.

Training Investment: 

9,800 RMB for 12 sessions

19,800 RMB for 25 sessions

23,800 RMB for 30 sessions

The price includes training materials
Time: 10:00am-2:00pm / 6:00pm-10:00pm

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