Fashion Portfolio

Fashion Portfolio
Fashion Portfolio


Through professional guidance, students will prepare and learn how to present their unique portfolio and apply to a University abroad.

The first impression makes the difference, specially in the fashion world, and the portfolio is the most important tool for self promotion of young designers.

This training will help you to understand how to reorganize your work, bearing in mind the person who will be viewing it.

Understand your skills, profile and find the best way to promote it.

Develop a critical thinking and appreciation level of design.

Transform your school and initial design exercises into marketing tools to promote yourself and create a memorable self image.


Portfolio Principals (define your market, season and specialization), croquis development.

Portfolio Content overview. Overall Aesthetics, critique collection clarity, flow and layout.

Conceptual Thinking & Storyboard (mood, colors, materials and textures). Fashion Illustrations & Technical Drawings rendering techniques. Review mood board and edit croquis book.

Final critique, cover and paper choice.

Prepare a professional portfolio to apply to a University abroad.

Prepare a personal portfolio to showcase the trainee’s artistic world and history.

Prepare a comercial portfolio, client-oriented, with a personal interpretation of the brand concerned.

Be prepared to present the portfolio and the projects successfully.


The Fashion Portfolio program last for 3 months of 5 weekly sessions (60 training sessions)

Each session has 4 hours of training, that will consist in case studies, exercises and projects review.

Each trainee receives a Completion Certificate when successfully completing this course.

Training Investment: 48,000 RMB

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