Fashionista Summer Camp 时尚夏令营

Students Exercises

Makeup class with Jae Ann

Sewing Techniques course with Kristina

Pattern Making & Draping course with Kristina

Fashionista Summer Camp 2018

Creative Draping & Drafting with Lia

Makeup Class with Grace & Abby

Creative Makeup Art with Didi and Sharon

Creative Draping & Drafting with Vasi

Chinese New Year Makeup

Smokey Eyes Seminar

Makeup Art with Jewel

Group Makeup Art

Makeup Art Advance Program successful completion

Makeup Art Advance Program with Dingding

Fashion Summer Camp 2016

Corporate Makeup Training for Unilever Shanghai

Makeup Art with Yiwei and Zarah

Makeup Art with Nimisha & Patricia

Snjezana’s Exercises for Creative Draping & Drafting Course

Christin’s Creative Draping & Drafting Exercises

Fashion Makeup with Allan Hsiao

Fashionista Summer Camp 2015!

Petal Invasion by Monika Grochowska-Pękala

Monika’s Fashion Workshop Exercises

Eternal Rider by Sayana Dalbakova

Sayana’s Amazing Progress

Fashion Illustration Exercises